About Sagoma Construction International

Sagoma Construction International provides project management and construction services throughout the Caribbean. We are client -focused builders of custom homes, high-quality resorts and commercial developments.

We want you to know that our Managing Partners are personally involved with each of the projects and they are at the client’s disposal on a daily basis. Moreover, we want you to know that we think that’s a really good thing.

Our Clients

We at Sagoma Construction International are proud of the commercial and residential clients we have served and the successful projects we have delivered on their behalf. Our clients recommend us to others based on the quality and beauty of the finished product. They also recommend us because of the quality of their experience with Sagoma and the personal service and accessibility they experience from our leadership team throughout the process. Building should be an enjoyable experience for all involved, and we are committed to being the trusted partner who will ensure this experience.

Our Team

Sagoma Construction International is led by a team of dynamic professionals with more than one hundred years of combined experience. From site selection to design, construction and long-term maintenance, our team leverages both wide-ranging international expertise and the local island perspective. Our team has extensive experience in every type of residential and commercial development. We have strong relationships throughout the Caribbean and have profound respect for its unique beauty, ecosystem and culture. We live here. We work here. We are your long-term partner in the Caribbean.

Our Projects

Sagoma Construction International has been delivering successful projects in the Caribbean since 1995. Our portfolio includes dozens of high-end homes, luxury resorts, private island developments and commercial buildings. Our experience with out-island sites and undeveloped islands makes us uniquely skilled in new island development and all its special considerations. We also have extensive background in commercial development and our leadership team has successfully delivered more than two billion dollars of work in place.

Your Choice

Please read more about our unique approach and our service offerings below. And when you are ready for the best construction experience in the Caribbean, contact us for a personal consultation focused on executive-level service, value creation and maximum return on your island investment. From resorts, to commercial development to residential homes, Sagoma should be your trusted partner.

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Construction Management & Building

The core offering to our clients, at the heart of all our services, is expert management of construction projects and professional, trusted partner ship.

Front End Value Creation

Creating value for our clients by finding the most effective use of each construction dollar. Building smarter instead of costlier.

Maximum ROI Project Delivery

The term ROI originated in the world of finance, we have adopted it to describe our maximum ROI project delivery concept. It demonstrates the process by which we maximise return on construction investment.

Island Development

There is a lot to think about when purchasing undeveloped islands. The experts in out island and private island development at Sagoma are experienced and fully prepared to deliver an island development plan that works for you.