You may be familiar with the term pre-construction, which can mean many different things to many different people. In general, this term refers to the activities that take place before physical construction starts on a project. We agree that there is a great deal of work that can and should happen on a project before breaking ground, however we prefer the term front end value creation to describe this critical phase in a project. We created the term front end value creation to place the emphasis where it should be—creating value for our clients by finding the most effective use of each construction dollar and building smarter instead of costlier.

Client Vision Planning

The front end value creation service that we offer starts with a frank discussion about what’s important to you as a client. Time and money are common answers, and always a good place to start. We find there is usually more to it, and sometimes clients’ voices are not heard clearly enough in the process. This can lead to difficult choices and added expense in later phases of a project. Concerned about preserving native vegetation and respecting the land? Have questions about reliability of power generation and where to place a solar field on your newly acquired property? Wondering whether you are allowed to have a landing strip or helicopter pad? We invite you to put our experience and knowledge to work for you.

Site Selection

We are passionate about the Caribbean. We share your enthusiasm for endless water views and unparalleled sport fishing and diving. Choosing the right site for your needs is about more than a pretty picture, however. The experts at Sagoma Construction International can provide feasibility analysis and high-level cost analysis at the earliest point in the process. This service will provide you with tangible information you can use to compare properties, understand logistics and estimate costs responsibly. Most importantly, this service will provide the facts and knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

Design Team Selection

A strong team means everything, and nowhere else is that more valuable than in the construction process. We have produced successful projects in all types of circumstances, but never so fruitfully as when the entire project team truly comes together for the good of the client. Selecting the right team of designers, engineers, managers and decorators means a more cost effective project, a better experience and the best possible outcome for you as the client. Sagoma Construction International fully believes in the value of teamwork and is prepared to offer the benefit of our entire network of professionals to our clients.

Feasibility Review

Construction drawings are an essential communication tool for the construction industry and remain the starting point for every new building that is constructed. These drawings are a journey that evolves, not a fixed destination. They are also a tool that benefits from the feedback of multiple points of view. The experts at Sagoma Construction International offer full-scale feasibility and constructability reviews of drawings with the outlook that it is much more cost effective to correct something on paper than it is to correct in the field. We are uniquely prepared to review drawings for cost effectiveness, material suitability, timeline impact, safety and ADA considerations and long-term maintenance and durability.