De-salinization plant for plentiful, clean drinking water. Co-generation plant or solar complex for reliable electricity. Short-term man camp to support craftsmen during construction and long-term staff housing to support your private island for years to come. Dredging to establish your new pier or marina and installing a rock groin to make sure your family and guests always have a sandy beach to enjoy. There is a lot to think about when you buy an undeveloped island and have plans to transform it into the ultimate island destination.
The experts in out-island and private island construction at Sagoma are uniquely experienced and fully prepared to deliver an island development plan that works for you.

Logistics & Material Procurement

The keys to success on any project are timely material procurement and well planned logistics. For island development projects Sagoma ensures that these critical keys to success are tracked down to the smallest detail. This ensures that production of work related to schedule is not interrupted, that costly down-time is eliminated and that your development dollars are properly utilized.

Marina Construction

Most island developments include marine facilities for recreational boating, commercial needs, or both. Sagoma is well versed in marina construction throughout the Caribbean and we have the resources to make sure that your marine facility requirements are designed and constructed to meet your needs. This includes sheet piling seawalls, rip rap embankments, floating docks, fixed docks and marina boardwalks.

Utility Infrastructure & Solar Capabilities

All island developments require power and water infrastructure and Sagoma has the experience to help you design and construct a reliable source of power and water utility services for your island development. We have successfully established diesel generated power plants, co-generation plants, seawater reverse osmosis plants, wastewater treatment plants, and renewable energy sources such as solar fields to make your island development ecofriendly. Private island investments necessarily start with proper infrastructure development. The experts at Sagoma Construction International are fully prepared and experienced to help you develop the infrastructure plan that is right for you, so that you can comfortably and safely enjoy your private island investment.