The term return on investment (ROI), is a financial term, and refers to the benefit or profitability of a particular investment relative to a host of other options. We adopted the concept of ROI for use in construction because development of a physical asset, such as a home or other building, is one of the most significant investments most people make. And we created the term maximum ROI project delivery to demonstrate for our clients the process through which we can help them realize the maximum return on every construction dollar they invest in the Caribbean.

Maximum ROI project delivery begins with all the services we offer as part of our front end value creation. It continues from there through the life cycle of a project and includes the following additional considerations.

Cost / Benefit Analysis

No matter your budget, we are Sagoma Construction International believe that the value of a dollar remains important for each of our clients. The goal of our cost/benefit analysis service is not to cut costs at the expense of quality or craftsmanship. Our goal is to ensure that each dollar is spent responsibly and utilized in a way that will maximize long term value and return on investment. We do this through a thorough review of design, materials, and construction details such as structural connections and waterproofing joints. The interplay of design aesthetics and construction realities is always a delicate one, but one that is nonetheless worthy of being addressed directly and honestly.

Design Assist & Quality Control

Project designers and decorators provide an important perspective on a project. Step into a building that did not take advantage of skilled designers and decorators and you will immediately recognize what’s missing. We value our design and decorating partners for the way they are able to showcase our work. They value us to provide insight into construction means and methods. Together, we ensure that form and function are equally represented to bring you a building that is both practical and beautiful. Let us put our network of designers and decorators to work for you, because really, we enjoy seeing your new home or boutique resort featured in a magazine almost as much as you do.

Logistics & Material Procurement

Access to specialized construction equipment and tools, as well as timely delivery of hand-crafted materials, can be among the most significant challenges in island construction. Having well-developed resources for equipment and tools, as well as established practices for import of materials directly correlates to successful construction in the Caribbean. Sagoma Construction International has made a significant investment in equipment and tools for the sole use of our craftsmen and our clients. We have also established significant partnering relationships in the freight forwarding and logistics communities and have successfully utilized both freight liners (boats) and freight planes to deliver materials to projects throughout the Caribbean. Our Maximum ROI Project Delivery service puts this to work for you.